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Rituals of beauty and well-being

Feel good for your body and soul

Visit our spa and let us pamper you with powerful wellness treatments and professional beauty sessions. We have everything you need to shine: from the classic massages to exclusive facial treatments, from peels to wellness rituals with the highest quality cosmetic products. The soft background sounds and fragrant aromas emphasize the atmosphere of this experience and easily all tensions are released.

Combined packages to a special price

You can combine 2 or more treatments of your choice and receive a discounted price.

1 Back massage with arnica oil & chestnut and mint leg massage 50 minutes, € 60


Indulge in the pleasure of a massage that can regenerate and release all tension or prevent muscle pain after a day on foot or by bicycle. Only because it feels good!

Classic body massage 50 minutes, € 58

Improves the appearance of the skin, relaxes muscles and stimulates the metabolism.

Back massage with arnica oil 25 minutes, € 32

Soothing treatment for a relaxed back.

Chestnut & mint leg massage 25 minutes, € 32

Effective in case of tension and cramps, ideal after sports.

Face - head - neck massage 25 minutes, € 32

It relaxes the central nervous system and relieves the accumulated tension of the head and neck.

Harmonizing aroma massage 50 minutes, € 63

Harmonizing body massage with essential oils chosen according to your needs.

Meridian massage 25 minutes, € 35

The brush massage on the Yin and Yang meridians stimulates circulation. The treatment concludes with the application of a body lotion.

Relaxation massage 50 minutes, € 60

Relaxing and regenerating massage with warm almond oil.

Honey massage 25 minutes, € 35

Intensive detoxifying, relaxing and healing treatment for the back.

Hot Stone Massage 75 minutes, € 80

It gives the whole body a charge of new energy.

Meridian massage with salt of precious stones * 50 minutes, € 60 / 75 minutes, € 90

The salt massage restores a feeling of deep relaxation, regulates pH and purifies. For a healthier and velvety looking skin.

Reflexology foot massage * 25 minutes, € 32

It stimulates all areas of the body through the reflex zones.

* By appointment only with Judith Wieser.

Lymphatic drainage massage with cupping * 25 minutes partial, € 30 / 60 minutes total, € 72

The treatment with the salt of precious stones and delicate cupping cleanses the skin, stimulates lymphatic flow and facilitates the removal of waste from the body.

Anti-cellulite treatment

The treatment begins with a peeling on the thighs and buttocks to stimulate circulation. The following pack, accompanied by a foot massage, allows you to purify and tone the skin.
Finally, the problem areas are massaged with a highly effective anti-cellulite cream, which gives the skin a pleasant sensation of smoothness.

50 minutes, € 62

Facial treatments

Let yourself be pampered with one of our facial treatments chosen according to your skin type and carried out with products from our bio-certified cosmetic line. Your requests and personal needs are considered for treatments; you will get a natural anti-aging effect and a feeling of deep care thanks to the use of precious active ingredients.

Classic 50 minutes, € 65

Cleaning, peeling, cleansing, eyebrow correction, face massage and mask.

Deluxe 80 minutes, € 87

Cleaning, peeling, cleansing, eyebrow correction, upper lip depilation (on request), facial massage and mask, accompanied by a hand massage.

For men 50 minutes, € 65

A treatment especially for men. Cleaning, peeling, cleansing, eyebrow shaping, relaxing facial massage and mask.


Spend a vacation dedicated to beauty and treat yourself to a manicure and a pedicure. Also, take full advantage haveing your eyebrows shaped or your eyelashes tinted.

Manicure with nail polish or hand massage 50 minutes, € 32
Pedicure with nail polish or foot massage 50 minutes, € 42
Manicure and pedicure without nail polish 80 minutes, € 57
Nail varnish application 15 minutes, € 10
Eyebrow shaping 10 minutes, € 12
Eyebrow tinting 10 minutes, € 14
Eyelash tinting 20 minutes, € 16
Eyebrow shaping and tinting 20 minutes, € 21
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting 25 minutes, € 25

Depilation with hot wax

Indulge in the incredible pleasure of perfectly smooth skin.

Full leg depilation 25 minutes, € 35
Half leg depilation 20 minutes, € 25
Arm depilation 10 minutes, € 12
Bikini area depilation 15 minutes, € 18
Underarm depilation 10 minutes, € 12
Depilation of upper lip or chin 10 minutes, € 12
Back depilation 20 minutes, € 21


To note

You can cancel your wellness appointments up to 24 hours in advance. For cancellations communicated with less notice, 80% of the cost of the treatment will be charged.

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