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The Huber Brothers and Hans Kammerlander as guests at the Hotel Gasserhof

The IMS – International Mountain Summit – in late October in Bressanone draws alpine sports professionals to South Tyrol and the Hotel Gasserhof. The Huber Brothers from Bavaria and Hans Kammerlander from Ahornach will be our guests.

The Huber Brothers and Hans Kammerlander as guests at the Hotel Gasserhof

The Huber Brothers – Alexander and Thomas – are celebrated German professional mountaineers and extreme climbers. They developed a reputation mainly as speed climbers, a sport, where a route needs to be climbed in the shortest time possible.

From a young age, they were driven to the mountains and numerous first ascents go on their account, such as the first free ascent of El Niño on El Capitan, the first Rotpunkt-climb (all ropes free) of the Bella Vista or the first ascent of the Orge III. 2007, they set the speed record at the Nose, and in 2008 and they climbed the Three Peaks (Tre Cime di Lavaredo) in one day.

The film shot in 2005 –Climbing to the limit”. “Huber Buam” is a documentary dedicated to the Huber Brothers and was awarded with the Golden Alpine Camera. Many will know the two extreme athletes from an advertisement for a dairy product on German TV.

Climbing to the limit


Beat Kammerlander (* 1959 in Nüziders / Vorarlberg) is an Austrian climbers.

Beat Kammerlander is one of the world’s best sport climbers and has significantly contributed to the development of rock climbing, especially in alpine terrain. His first ascent of “Neverending Story” from 1991 in Rätikon is the first alpine rock route in the top tenth grade.

Furthermore, his route “Silbergeier” counted for years among the three hardest alpine climbs in the world – the trilogy – until Alexander Huber with “Bella Vista” in the north wall of the western pinnacle in 2001 could climb an even more difficult route.

Even as a sport climber he was very successful: with “Speed” and “Missing Link” on the Lake Voralpsee in Switzerland he managed two extremely tough routes. 2009 he managed to repeat his route “Principle of Hope” from the year 1997 without the use of drillings or pitons.